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Version History

This article contains the version history and release notes for Bommer for Fusion 360.  It is updated after each release is published with the latest release notes.


Fixed a nasty bug in the "Edit bill of materials" table.  Sorry about that!


This update contains a lot of improvements to the export process, and a number of new properties:

    Bommer now supports exporting material name and physical properties.

    Simply select them in the Export dialog!

    Bommer will also now save your settings after an export, so you can set up your export once, and quickly export with the same settings over and over again.

    Exports are now faster, and long exports are cancelable, so you can abort an export if it's taking too long.

Bug fixes


Fixed bug when editing model that contains a component with the same name as the top level design.


Improved support for extended/international characters in component names.
Fixed a race condition that occurred when opening the table between when you save a revision of your design and when Fusion assigns a new version number.


Some users reported difficulty loading the new registration page.  We dug in and found the culprit, and have fixed it for this version.  We also fixed some long standing issues in our analytics system, which could have led to some instability when using Bommer.


This release includes a new registration page and a lot of changes behind the scenes to support new future development.

Some users reported a crash when reordering properties in the Settings command.  This has been fixed by changing the way properties are reordered.  See in-app instructions for details.

Stay tuned for what’s next!


You can now set default values for your properties.  Default values can be constant or can reference other property values.  Configure these default values in the settings dialog.  See the help documentation for more details.

Bommer now supports non-English/extended characters in property categories and names.

Bug fixes:

    Fixed a counting error within hierarchical BOMs that was double counting parts under subassemblies with multiple occurrences.

    Fixed a persnickety (but fairly common) error in the bill of materials table resulting from using the exclude? and part? checkboxes.

    Fixed an issue with exporting a BOM with no quantity property.

    Fixed a really annoying crash when attempting to Exclude the root item in the table.

    Many more small improvements and bug fixes


Fixed an issue editing bills of materials for designs with occurrences of subassemblies at different levels.


You can now export a proper parts list BOM!  You can also mark subassemblies as “parts”, effectively excluding all children of those subassemblies from the export.

You can define decimal (floating point) property types, for fields such as cost and other measurements.

Import and export your property settings, so you can share your properties with your team (or your friends, loved ones, etc).

And as always, bug fixes and performance improvements.

- v1.1.2

New "Expand All Rows?" option in edit table, to expand all of the rows in the table.

Fixed a crash when displaying the Fusion right click "marking" menu.

- v1.1.1

Fixed crash during registration, and crash when right clicking on the timeline.

- v1.1.0

Now you can export a hierarchical BOM!  The Export dialog has a "Flatten BOM" button that works the same as in the Edit table.  Uncheck to export a structured BOM with a level column that uses the format x.y.z.a (e.g.  This level now also shows up in the Edit table.

Drawing integration: Create a drawing based on the parts that are included (not marked as "Exclude from BOM").  Parts that are marked exclude from BOM will be suppressed in the new drawing.

Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

Improved analytics, to help us diagnose problems in the wild.

- v1.0.1.0

Bug Fixes:

Fixed crash when using Number properties,

Fixed crash when trying to set empty part name,

Fixed issues with update notifications,

Fixed crash when selecting Edit part properties from Drawing workspace (Menu item removed, drawing support TBD),

Prevent user from saving properties with empty category, name, or multiple choice values; or with duplicate names (which can cause problems in tables)

Fixed issues with marking menu item (Edit part properties...) causing problems in non-design workspaces,

Fixed crash and lost data issues when editing part properties on linked component,

Fixed crash when exporting BOM without quantity field.

Fixed counting issue in edit bill of materials table when dealing with complex models

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